5 Effective Tips to Have Great Sex in Cars

Location is Key

  • Primarily, you don’t want to get caught. Being discreet is advised and will keep you out of trouble to continue the enjoyment.

Front or Back?

  • If you try the front seat for anything other than mutual masturbation or a blowjob, you could land in the hazardous territory with the handbrake or the horn. Both of which will draw unwanted attention to yourselves.


  • If you have never had car sex before and find yourselves caught up in the moment, you’ll soon see why preparation is key. Take some essentials to clear up or even prevent spills and stains that come with the territory. Tissues, towels, a blanket, and even some lube would all be handy additions that can all be left in a carrier bag, just in case.

Lower Expectations

  • This isn’t going to be like the movies or a love-scene from your favorite tv show. Things won’t be smooth or without flaws. There will be restrictive movement and not a lot of space; it can alter between too cold to too hot in the bat of an eyelid.


  • However wild and adventurous you are in the bedroom, it’s time to limit your repertoire. There is simply no room for anything ambitious, so be content with missionary, swapping over, and at most being bent over something awkward.

sex in car tips

Best Things About Sex in Cars

The spontaneity of car sex is really hot. There’s no disputing that it can set pulses racing, pardon the pun. While it is commonly associated with horny adolescents, it’s not just curious teens with nowhere better to romp that can explore sex in cars.

Adults can get a huge buzz from it too. In your younger days, options are limited with prying eyes and restrictions at home, intimate time with your partner is limited. Now, with no parents around to kill your passion, the choices are endless. And the car is still a more than viable selection.

Think of it as a bonus place to make love, like when you go to a hotel. It’s nothing you haven’t done before. Still, because it’s different from the norm, it enhances the pleasure and the overall experience a little.

Is It Illegal to Have Sex in Your Car?

Whatever the reason for having sex in your car: be it disapproving parents, having an affair, no privacy with housemates, etc., you’ll need to check the laws of the land. There will be exceptions to every rule depending on where you live, but in general, it is not technically against the law to have sex in your car.

However, by doing so, you could easily find yourself committing other offenses and landing yourself in a spot of bother if you are not careful with your actions.

You cannot have sex in a public place where there is a risk of indecent exposure. This is against the law, and you can be arrested if caught. So, going back to our previous statement, is it illegal to have sex in your car?

If it’s in a closed garage where nobody can see, then no, you can go wild. If you are out and about with the potential to be spotted, then yes, it is. The ways around this are relatively straight forward. As long as you aren’t exposing yourself, then you are ok.

So, a blanket to cover your bit while doing it would suffice, or even better, a car with tinted windows can enable you to deny any wrong-doing and provide extra privacy.

Places to Have Car Sexcar sex

As previously mentioned, not drawing attention to yourself is crucial. Being discreet with your activities is recommended, and therefore it is advised that if you were to attempt car sex in any of the locations below, it is better to do it in the privacy of night:

  • Car parks; go for corners or hidden areas least likely to be seen
  • Hotels; often unmanned car-parks, and patrons don’t use vehicles at night, so the places are isolated.
  • Service stations; Have few staff huge and car parking with lots of blind spots for secluded car romps
  • Laybys; in country lanes or by rivers and lakes. Not much, if any, traffic goes past, and won’t be anyone on foot at night. A handbrake failure could be dangerous by water, so be very careful!


Suppose you can put up some awkwardness and don’t mind being uncomfortable during the act. In that case, car sex is a great idea to spice things up no matter what stage of the relationship you are at or however old you are.

Car sex perhaps isn’t for you if you want the perfect cinema-esque scene recreated every time or cannot get to grips with our guidance. As long as you are sensible, having fun, and within the law, go get yourself some.

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