About our work

Initially, we didn’t think their company of writers would turn from a hobby to a major communications brand. In October 2020, we spent several evenings developing and launching the first joint project called Freedatingsites.com.au

In November, responsibilities were shared. We created several departments (micro departments), which were divided into:

  • Department for the analysis of dating sites.
  • Content department (text and media).
  • Website promotion department.

Now our team has 12 employees and we are working for you)

In 2021, we decided to scale our site to the USA and Canada, but we still have a lot of work to do in the Australian market and still find the best dating site in this market.

“The more you pump your skills, the more people start to take small steps towards something cool and capable of changing lives,” – this is said by our leader)

What values ​​do we profess:

  • Openness to change

Even at planning meetings, we appeal to this point and in 99% of cases we say “yes” to experiments.

  • Mindfulness

In the heat of work, you can “twist” and do many things on a whim – but not at Freedatingsites.com.au. “We must understand why we are doing this or that task, we strive to build relationships in which everyone is aware of the goals of joint work”

  • Honesty

The fact that you can tell veiledly for three hours slows down the understanding of important information, and open and objective communication speeds up the understanding of things.

Freedatingsites.com.au embodies its openness to change not only within our creative company. To make the dating industry more accessible and transparent, in 2020 we decided to launch our online site for overviews of important dating and relationship points.

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