Chat Up Lines (You’re Probably Doing Them Wrong!)

Chat up lines (AKA pickup lines). Overdone & overplayed, but they still have a valuable place IF they’re used right. Unfortunately, most people don’t use them right & that’s why they’ve gained such a poor reputation! Let’s go over how to actually make them work.

For the boys

If you’re a guy that’s ever seen an attractive girl in the bar, chances are you’ve definitely tried your luck with the “perfect” pickup line are pretty high. Did it work? Probably not. That’s ok, though — most of the time, they don’t!

You only have one chance to impress a woman, so choosing a wrong line means blowing up your chance. Fortunately, there’s a way to give yourself the upper hand when it comes to chat up lines, so here are five things to consider before actually making your move.

  • couple chatIs it sexual? Generally speaking, walking up to a random woman & saying something suggestive will, at minimum, get you turned down &, at worse, get you slapped. If your line of choice was something your friends would laugh at, then you probably shouldn’t be expecting great results.
  • Is it creepy? In this day & age, women have to be constantly on guard for “creepy” men. But what is creepy? Unfortunately, there isn’t a solid definition (it depends on the girl). If you said something that made her uncomfortable, you probably came off as a creepy one. Usually, a sexual chat up line is sure to come off as creepy, but depending on the girl, even a line like “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night” could be considered creepy.
  • How did you approach her? Unless you’re extremely attractive, randomly popping up in front of her in a crowded club & taking your shot is unlikely to yield great results. The best way to approach a girl is at a bar, so she knows you’re there before you drop your line.
  • What did she look like? You can often tell someone’s “vibe” just from taking a quick glance at them. If a girl looks stressed or uptight, then you’re better off skipping the pickup lines & trying for an actual conversation instead.
  • How did you say it? Confidence is key. Even the stupidest line can be successful if you say it confidently, but mumbling the best line is unlikely to get you anywhere with a cutie in the bar.

For the girls

couple chatting

You’re in luck — in general, men are a lot easier to get with chat up lines! Of course, there are definitely times when it will still fail, but if that happens, it probably wasn’t meant to be. Still, if you tried your best line on that cute guy in the corner & unfortunately couldn’t get his number, here are some things to consider before trying again.

  • Was it sexual? Usually, men will fall head over heels for a sexual pickup line, but there are some men who actually find it offputting. It’s definitely important to take a good look at the guy before shooting your shot. If he seems a bit more uptight, skip the sexual lines & try something cute or clever instead.
  • Did you speak up? It can be hard to hear anything in a crowded bar or club, so if he “turned you down”, that might not be it at all—perhaps he simply couldn’t understand what you said. When in doubt, speak up!
  • Confidence is key, ladies! Men love it when a woman comes off as confident, so it’s important to carry this over to your pickup lines. If you come off as shy or awkward, it’s always less likely that your pickup line will work.
  • Were you in a group? If you’re trying to catch a guy with a chat up line, approaching him with all your friends is a no-no. It may make the situation awkward for him, & it also takes attention away from you. For the highest chance of success, always approach your man of choice one-on-one.

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