Famous Couples in History

There are no set criteria to become a famous couple. You could have a niche area of expertise or no particular skills to offer. You could be born into a famous family, marry a well-known celebrity or create your own legend. Best education, politics, inventing, sports, acting, or business, you can be universally known for almost anything.

Many historical figures have been famous because of their partners, while others have been established figures alone before they got together. Whichever way they have made history or formed an allegiance, their influence on us and those before us have varying degrees, as does their value and impact as a couple on the whole.

Sporting Couples

sport couple

Torvill and Dean shot to stardom at the 1984 Winter Olympics, and whilst they are not in a relationship, they certainly qualify as a celebrity couple. Their famous routine won the hearts of millions en route to capturing Gold in Sarajevo.

They have since become mentors, inspired countless figure skaters to further their careers, and currently have lead roles in the TV show ‘Dancing on Ice,’ which confirms their significant influence.

Political Couples

Political couple

Barack and Michelle Obama are the latest established political figures of heavy influence from their tenure in the White House as The President and First Lady of The United States, respectively.

Barack Obama’s Presidency was historic when he became the first-ever black President, which broke discrimination and oppression barriers that had ran for centuries previously.

Entrepreneurial Couples


David and Victoria Beckham are a perfect example of two successful individuals coming together to form an unparalleled success story. While David was on the rise in his footballing career, Victoria was dominating the music scene all over the world as part of the Spice Girls.

Their marriage in 1996 was headline news, and both have been propelled to superstardom ever since. David is one of the most decorated footballers of his generation and, due to his good looks and fame, became a huge fashion icon throughout the ’90s and the 00’s during the height of his football career.

Victoria remained extremely influential but moved from music into fashion and perfume whilst raising a family. Together they own and run multiple global businesses and have a massive influence on their millions of fans around the world.

Entertainment Couples

Entertainment couple

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are unique pairings. When they got together in the ’90s, Pitt was arguably the most lusted after a man on the big screen, and likewise, Jennifer became a tv sex-symbol in her own right after rising to fame playing Rachel Green in ‘Friends.’ The media world went crazy when the two best-looking people on the planet hit it off and got together. It was an editor’s dream!

Other Significant Couples

Can you really compare Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, or Napoleon and Josephine to Ant and Dec, Jedward or Batman and Robin? This is the fascinating thing about the perception of a famous couple. To one person, it could mean a role model marriage, successful upbringing of children, and an inspiring career.

To others, particularly in the modern era, their place in society and overall value is judged on the number of social media followers they have rather than any great accomplishment or success. A famous couple can be defined as a pair, siblings, friends, co-workers and is not restricted to those in a relationship.

Final Thoughts

However, you look at it, couples in the public eye have a huge influence on us as individuals, in our own relationships, and of course, in popular culture in general. Some lead by their own intuition and brilliance; others fall into a position of power.

Whether they are natural to the privileged position or unaccustomed to the power and responsibility that comes with being a public figure is largely irrelevant. The fact is that whether they court the limelight or not, these famous couples are role models for us and future generations, just as the well-known, established couples of the past have been previously.

How they cope with this burden remains to be seen, and how they use their influence will ultimately dictate their place in history amongst the prestigious names of years gone by.

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