Five Tips for a Successful Second Date

You’re getting ready for the second date. Most people put all their focus on the first date, but the second one is just as important! Unfortunately, people always tend to slack on the second outing, so they don’t get far in relationships.

The second date is certainly a key point in any relationship because it provides the building blocks for your relationship later on. Not to worry, though — we’ll cover all the main points to make your outing go well & hopefully blossom into the relationship you’ve been searching for!

1. Be Prepared to Share

On the first outing, you’re simply trying to impress your date. The focus isn’t on really getting to know them on a personal level; it’s always on making yourself look good while keeping awkwardness to a minimum.

This can definitely be challenging, which is why most people aren’t fans of first dates. The good news? You already made it past that stage! The second outing is all about getting to really know your date, & that means sharing personal stories, feelings, and goals. If possible, you might want to brainstorm a few stories ahead of time.

2. Get Ready to Listencouple have date

Sharing your story is certainly important, but you should definitely be willing to listen as well. Since the main purpose of a second outing is getting to know each other better (& seeing if you’re compatible at more than face value), you’ll probably be eager to get to know your date better anyway.

Always try to remember as much as possible, because your date will certainly appreciate it. Plus, it could actually make an amazing anniversary present if you get her something she mentioned she wanted on your second outing! You’ll definitely be able to learn a lot from the stories she tells you, & this will make it easier to see if you two are truly compatible.

3. Pick Something New

There’s nothing wrong with going out to eat, but don’t go to the same place twice. When it comes to the initial dates, even little things make a big impression, & you certainly don’t want to come off as boring! Remember, it’s always important that your partner enjoys the outing just as much as you do, so try to pick something you can both appreciate.

Women tend to value a personal touch, which is great because often the most romantic dates are the cheapest! Even something as simple as a picnic can be the perfect setting for your second outing.

couple chat4. Always Set Realistic Expectations

It’s important to always be honest with yourself. Is this someone you’d definitely like to build a future with, or is this person just a time-killer? There’s no point in investing effort in someone you plan on leaving, so figure out what your intentions are going into your second outing.

You should also figure out how fast you think the relationship will go. If your date prefers to take it slow, then stick to hand-holding & maybe a kiss for your second outing. Sex will happen eventually, so there’s no point ruining a good thing by being impatient.

5. Stop Stressing

You’ve made it to the second outing — they obviously like you! It’s certainly normal to be a bit anxious before any outing, but chances are, you’re not the only one feeling that way. We tend to get inside our own heads & make things more stressful than they need to be, so it’s always important to take some time to relax before your outing. The more relaxed you are, the better the date will go!

If you’ve read this far, then you’re definitely ready for your outing. Truthfully, there’s no way to fully prepare. Much like the rest of life, a date can quickly take a turn for better or for worse, but by keeping the above points in mind (& getting a good night’s rest beforehand) you’ll have a much better chance at a successful date. If you can make her laugh, then you’re halfway there!

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