How to Write a Dating Profile That’s Perfect

Dating online is an easy form of meeting people compared to all others, but to impress singles and capture their attention, you’ll need to create a profile that works. It might seem tempting to keep it short and sweet, but this should be avoided.

There’s a reason why you’re asked for certain details, and it’s important that you give them up! Your chosen dating service isn’t asking you to give up your children or your parents; they’re simply asking for important information that they know works!

So, when creating your profile, follow our tips below, and you’ll create a winning profile that brings you success.

Give an Overview of Who You Are

Begin your profile by including character traits that stand out. Perhaps you’re easy-going and laid-back, or maybe you’re someone who is caring or funny. The idea is to describe who you are and your personality.

It’s important to include information regarding what matters to you, such as family or music, or perhaps you enjoy volunteering. Finally, touch on information regarding what you’re looking for. Are you seeking a serious relationship or something casual? The idea is to attract singles that you want, so let them know!

Explain Who You Are Looking Fordating profile

Your profile might seem as though it involves writing about you, and that’s true, but you can also include information about who you’re looking for. Keep your desires relatively generic, so include character traits instead of characteristics.

From someone funny to professional or outgoing, it helps individuals to understand what you’re looking for. Avoid including the likes of “a hot body” or “gorgeous eyes” because you’ll look very shallow.

Tell them a Little More

Every reader of your profile attempts to create an image or understanding of you. Therefore, small snippets of information won’t cut it. Perhaps travel is a passion but adding “Travel” doesn’t cut it. What places do you love traveling to? Are you someone who loves hiking mountainous trails or someone who loves chilling on the beach? This additional information provides greater insight into your personality.

Perhaps having fun is something that gets you going? Saying “fun,” tells them very little about you. Fun can be determined in different ways, so does that involve watching movies, heading to the theme park, or indulging in comedy shows? The more information you provide, the more they’ll understand about you.

Avoid Negative Aspects About You

Including negative aspects about your character or personality can seem like the right decision. After all, being honest feels like the right thing to do. Despite the urge to do this, you’ll come across as a negative person. In fact, opting to include negative information will undo the other areas of your profile, such as your positive traits, so avoid doing this!

man writes dating profileThink About the Overall Story

Your entire profile culminates into one entire story that’s about you. The trick is to showcase your personality, helping to build an image of you. Perhaps you’re athletic and ambitious or shy yet enjoy traveling. Whoever you are, you’ll need to ensure you get the message across the right way.

Essentially, the story you create needs to capture the attention of people you want. Therefore, it can help to ask someone to have a look at your profile. The goal is to create a profile that delivers a unique and clear insight into you. It’s designed to attract singles who are your type, making it vital to get it right.

Check for Errors

It’s surprising how many people read into your entire profile and not just the content. Spelling errors and grammar errors can work against you! Sounds crazy, but many profiles are written this way, creating an image of someone who doesn’t pay attention or care. What’s more, a poorly written profile can create a desperate image that guarantees to turn singles away.

Include Clear Photos

People have read your profile and are intrigued, so add photos that show your best side. Clear, high-quality images will work wonders and will ensure they match your personality up with your looks.

Create a profile that captures every element of your personality and traits. Make it clear and concise, and singles will be eager to make contact and begin to scratch beneath the service!

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