Understand the Types of Love Psychology

Who truly understands the meaning of love? It can prove complex, deep, and confusing at times, but psychologists have identified the meanings behind the different kinds of love and how they impact relationships. Love can go from being fast-paced to steady and, in some instance’s possessive, but every feeling and relationship is determined by the psychology of love.

The Infatuation Period

Every relationship begins somewhere, and, in many cases, infatuation comes at the point where the attraction is apparent, but couples don’t know each other. This form of relationship involves two people who are unaware of whether they’re compatible but decide to remain together. In time, infatuation can evolve into something meaningful, but it can also signal that a short-term relationship is imminent.

Couples Like Each OtherPsychology love

These relationships are solidified by the fact that both really like each other. This type of relationship allows couples to be themselves and common interests bring them together. Each person will feel a part of something real while they’ll feel as though their needs are understood. This type of ‘liking’ comes with intimacy as well as commitment, and that makes it different from friendship.

Commitment and Nothing More

Also known as empty love, this form of relationship involves people loving each other without passion or intimacy. Commitment is the glue here, but the good news is that these types of relationships can evolve into something more passionate and meaningful.

Attraction Through Infatuation

This love is identified when a couple is truly, madly attracted together. They show commitment, and there’s plenty of passion, and this is the kind of love that people believe in. It’s the perfect scenario whereby nothing comes between the couple. They’ll be hooked on each other and are likely to become married and follow the traditional route through life. These couples are believed to be life-time couples, and happiness is something that is relative to the relationship.


A loving relationship such as the one above can have romance, but romance alone is different. Love based around romance involves couples being attracted to one another while they’re always comfortable being with each other. Despite these strong feelings, commitment isn’t quite there, and eventually, these types of relationships will fizzle out.

types of PsychologyCompanionate Relationships

There’s an abundance of intimacy and commitment in this kind of love, and it could be considered the next step up from friendship. Each person feels attached or connected to the other, although passion is lacking. These types of relationships are experienced when people have been in a marriage for many years or have had a long-term acquaintance.


This could be considered the ultimate love because it captures everything. Couples will have passion, commitment, and intimacy in some form, but this relationship will capture them all. This form of relationship could be considered rare, but once at this stage, true love is clearly apparent. Couples in a consummate relationship will spend their lives together in marriage.

What Does it all Mean?

Relationships vary, and many people have to explore several partnerships before finding their perfect match. Psychologists believe that people will experience many different types of love during their lives but fail to understand or embrace what it means. With an understanding of the different forms of love, people can manage their expectations throughout the experience of being with another person.

Some forms of love begin on the weaker end of the spectrum and evolve over time to become something more. This can happen with the same partner or with someone new, and that’s the journey of love. While there is no black and white here because every partnership is completely unique. Some might be placed into one of the categories, giving it a clear definition, while some partnerships might pick up elements of different categories.

What’s important is that people understand how psychology plays a role in love and the feelings that underpin every relationship. From passion to intimacy and friendship to companionship, the spectrum is wide and varied, but that’s the beauty of love. However, understanding psychology will define your partnership but will also help you to identify whether it should continue.

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