Relationship Break

Let’s be candid; if you feel the need for a break from your partner, your relationship definitely had its best moments in the past. A break can be revitalizing or catastrophic in a relationship, but it’ll provide a lot to mull over the answer on how to move forward.

The ground rules need to be clear, realistic, something you can keep to, and above all, if they get broken, you must tell each other. Hiding anything defeats the point of your break and sets you back to square one. Honesty is crucial for this rocky relationship to last, or this relationship break will literally be make or break for the two of you.

The Rules

The primary thing to establish if you and your partner decide on a relationship break is the rules you both agree on. Once you deal with what is acceptable and what’s forbidden, It is important you stick with them, or you can forget the whole thing and break up now. As soon as the trust is broken, then you will be heading that way anyway.

Can’t follow the set parameters you both agree on? Call it off; understanding your couple can’t be saved by therapy, breaks, or seeing other people will save time and heartache along the way. The most important rules you can put in place are the ones that could potentially hurt you the most, and that is dating, sex, and relationships with other people.

The Deal Breakerbreak up

Suppose you don’t listen to anything else in this article & make your own way through your relationship troubles. In that case, that’s your prerogative, BUT you need to hear this.

It will be awkward, it will be hard, but you need to tell each other if you intend on dating other people. From there, you need to break it down further and establish the potential end. If you are prepared to kiss someone else or even sleep with another person during your break, then be upfront about it BEFORE.

Clear expectations will make things one hundred times easier than any conversation after the event. You have to confess something that will undoubtedly hurt your other half.

Reasons to try a break

  • The honeymoon period is over
  • Boredom
  • Spark has gone
  • Annoying each other
  • Predictable routine
  • Eyeing others
  • Still love one another
  • For your own mental health

Why a break can be good

  • Provides evaluation time
  • Gives an opportunity to miss your partner
  • Space
  • Freedom and independence
  • Incite into life without your partner
  • Get to try new things/people

Why a break might not work

  • You love your new life
  • You don’t miss your partner
  • You cheat on each other
  • Creates questions and distrust
  • Old problems are back
  • Nothing changes
  • False promises last a single week

couples breakDecision Time:

Stay Together

If, after a few weeks, months, or any length your separation period takes, you miss your partner and feel an emptiness in your life with their absence, and they feel the same, then the break has worked. Time to give it another go but learn from your experiences.

Don’t make the same mistakes; take each other for granted, or whatever got you both stuck in that rut, to begin with. Appreciate what you have, and hopefully, the time apart made you realize the initial reason your relationship started.

Break Up

On the flip side, if the relationship break has triggered a love for independence or craving something new and exciting, don’t go back. If you do, you will end up resenting that person for keeping you from your dreams & missing out on potential happiness. This feeling will further crack your relationship, and it will inevitably end in tears.

Final Thoughts

The toughest problem arises when a break initiates a difference of opinion and brings conflicting emotions between you and your partner’s future aspirations. Meaning one partner wants to rebuild a relationship while the other wants a fresh start.

The best way to approach a final decision is to ask yourself this; Did you actually miss your partner? Or you felt alone in your life and lost the sense of familiarity? The difference is HUGE.

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