What Need to Do to Have Sex and Be Good Lover When You Have a Small Penis

Hormones, genetics, ethnicity, and testosterone levels all contribute to penis size. All of which are completely uncontrollable for a man. Rightly or wrongly, depending on who you speak to, better sex and large penises are commonly associated in tandem.

In fact, not everyone is blessed with huge manhood, and the age-old debate about size matters and bigger is better will surface regardless. Anything over 7 inches can be described as gifted. Still, suppose you fall below this figure.

In that case, as most men do (average penis length is 5.2 inches), it doesn’t mean you are automatically a bad lover or can never satisfy a woman sexually. In fact, a larger penis can cause discomfort or even pain to a female during sexual intercourse.

Paranoia and self-consciousness surrounding penis-size are cemented into a man’s brain. Inevitable comparisons are almost unavoidable as the penis is stereotypically a powerful virility symbol.

A badge of honour, if you will, and those with a sizable member like to masquerade as if their masculinity is superior. Which of course it isn’t, but it’s easy to say one thing while inside you feel insufficient in the trouser department.

It can be difficult to accept and to deal with what you are given if you have a small penis; changing what you were born with isn’t an easy fix. Extension devices are available like Andropenis, and there is the option of medical intervention.

While you can improve your Johnson’s size under the knife, accompanying it will be a risk and huge inconvenience. If you aren’t happy with your manhood for whatever reason, try to avoid surgery and discover how you can adapt to optimize your sexual performance.

How to Strive in a Relationship if You Have a Small Penis?loving couple

Having a significant Johnson appears manly while having a small penis isn’t always socially acceptable. Among men, jokes regarding large penises are common, a masculine obligation to boast whether it’s true or not.

If you choose to exaggerate your personal features to your mates, fine; however, you can’t do that with a sexual partner. You have to be more intricate and clever in solving your small penis fixation. Oral and manual stimulation can be your friends when thrusting your old boy isn’t doing the required job.

Utilize more foreplay and subtly make it the main event without drawing attention to your secret intention. While you are still getting to know each other sexually and exploring your partner’s body as they do yours, incorporate more masturbation and oral focus.

Make her cum as much as you can before your penis even enters the picture. By satisfying and stimulating her before penile penetration, you’ll avert her attention away from intercourse itself and take the pressure of your inadequately sized penis to perform miracles.

Hot Guy Small Penis Dilemma

A girl who finds a man that ticks all her boxes in a partner in terms of looks, ambition, connection, morals, humour, and the way he treats her would have to be pretty shallow and narrow-minded to dump him because his dick was too small! Any fella that matches the above categories is a catch.

A hot guy with a small penis can give orgasmic pleasure in a variety of ways. A bit of practice and imagination with a dildo orally and manually will send a girl to heaven whether you are two or twelve inches down below. The small penis complex is completely unnecessary.


The main issue with tiny penis sex is that you can’t achieve deep penetration as well. In most cases, the choice of sexual position can make up for a lack in size. Positions that allow for deeper entrance provide a suitable alternative and often a solution.

Bear these in mind:

  • Missionary position. Put a large pillow under the girl’s bum.
  • Doggy style with the lady’s legs together.
  • The girl is lying face down with her legs together, and the man is entering her from behind with his knees outside the ladies’ legs.
  • Reducing lubrication can help you feel more sensations. Wetter isn’t always better!
  • By squeezing her pelvic floor muscles, the woman can make penetration feel more pleasurable
  • Stick to positions that offer more friction and clitoral stimulation.
  • Experimenting with anal sex. The anus is a lot tighter than the vagina. Being small is an advantage here.

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