Texting After the First Date isn’t Challenging

Dating comes with many challenges and much to celebrate. Every stage of the dating process could be considered a success, including arranging that first date. Of course, to reach this point, you’ve chatted and flirted while getting to know each other.

That first hookup might seem daunting, especially discovering the right date idea and impressing them at the same time. However, once the first date comes to an end, you might feel as though everything went perfectly well.

At this point, the urge to make contact might wash over you, but don’t dive in. That next text could make or break your flourishing relationship, so don’t pour water on the flames of love just yet, follow our guide and hit the money with that text.

Check-in on them

This kind of text message can come across in two ways – cheeky or serious. After saying goodbye and waving her off in a taxi, your first date comes to an end. Your pulse is racing, and your heart is still skipping a beat because you’re pining for them. So, to keep the conversation and moment alive, wait until she should arrive home and ask them if they are home safely.

It shows you care and are concerned, but it’s likely that the conversation will continue.

Tell them You Had Funtexting woman

Adopting this approach provides a great opportunity to determine their position in arranging a second hookup. Informing them of the fact that you had fun and would love to do it again provides them with information about your feelings after the first date. If they’re interested and enjoyed the first date, they’ll respond in a certain way. This type of text message ensures you understand where you stand, allowing you to move forward in one direction or the other.

Ask Them About Their Day

Once the date has ended, leave time for the moment to fizzle out, allowing you both to collect your thoughts and feelings. The next day, drop them a text message to say hello and ask them how their day has been. It’s a great opportunity to show them you’re thinking of them, but it also ensures that they know you’re still interested.

Mention Something that Impressed You

After understanding that the date was a success is key here but sending a text message that touches on something that impressed you will show them what impresses you. Perhaps they choose an amazing dish on the menu, or perhaps the cocktail they choose was amazing? This will boost their ego, while the flirty undertone will keep them connected and informed that you’re into them.

Rate the Dategirl texts boyfriend

Feeling cheeky and slightly naughty? Feel as though you understand their personality? You could send a text message that gives your date a rating out of 10. Of course, choosing 10/10 will inform them that you loved it, but you could adopt another approach. Saying, “I loved our date, I’d give it a score of 8.8, fancy getting the next date to a 10?” will tell here you’re ready to take the next step in a cheeky and flirty way.

Utilize their Interests

Everyone has something appealing to work with. Maybe your partner said they love theme parks or are studying history. Text them the same night and explain that you loved the date and how their interest in history is awesome before asking them if they’d like to visit a certain museum. This proves you took an interest in them and want to continue to show an interest.

Use Something that Was Mentioned in a Conversation

To get that second date in the bag, think about things that were mentioned in the conversation. Did they mention a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try or a movie they’re eager to watch? Use these small suggestions as inspiration for your text message. Get it right, and they’ll be putting the next date in their diary.

Making contact once the first date has ended can seem challenging. Avoiding the wrong things and saying the right things can leave you turning yourself inside out! Despite this, taking inspiration from the first date and mixing it with an element of cheekiness promises to deliver success when arranging that second date.


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