What Is Anal Sex Feels Like for Women

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Society these days is more sex-positive. The outlook on what is traditionally seen as taboo areas is now more mainstream. This includes talking about and conducting and enjoying anal sex.

Social media and popular culture, in general, have aided this becoming more normal and accepted as both a discussion topic and a practice. The original stigma will always remain in some fashion due to lack of information; however, while many still shudder at the thought of anal sex, many women love it.

Some ladies prefer anal entry over vaginal, not for pleasure necessarily but for health as vaginal sex can be too painful. Anal penetration is evidently an obvious option for women without a vagina. Of course, depending on personal taste, others will be able to orgasm through anal over vaginal sex.

It isn’t for everyone, of course. Some are intrigued by it and do it now and again or for ‘special occasions.’ Some will never have and never want to participate in it.

However, more and more women are revealing that they see it as a treat to their man, as a dessert to a meal where the vaginal intercourse portrays the main course. Over time, anal sex has evolved and will continue to become an increasingly fundamental part of routine sex practices in the average bedroom for all sorts of lovers.

How to Find Out that Your Girl Likes Anal?girl smiling

It can feel like you’re doing something naughty and unexpected when you do anal with a partner, which adds to the attraction. But the first thing you should do is honestly ask if a girl likes anal.

The sensation of a thrust into a forbidden zone can provide intense positive overstimulation for a woman when it is combined with vaginal play. A finger or vibrator combined with clitoral stimulation can give a lady crazy orgasms.

Whatever your reasons for trying it or incorporating it regularly, don’t neglect the lube. You need lots of it! The taboo nature of anal and the pleasant feel and occasional powerful orgasm that can accompany it fascinate most, if not all, women deep down.

Whether they have the courage and conviction to explore these fantasies and pleasures is another thing. As is admitting it. It wouldn’t be too extreme to assume that there is a lot more anal activity going on than is being freely discussed.

After all, it’s all legal, consenting adult fun; there’s nothing to hide or be ashamed about your personal preferences.

Is There Any Way of Knowing That Your Girl is Enjoying Anal?

couple kissing

When you properly get into it, a girl enjoying anal can experience much more intense, almost primal sensations with anal stimulations supplementing clitoral orgasms. The warmth and depth of the process feel naughty and forbidden, making it extremely hot.

Anal play and toys can severely increase vaginal wetness and enhance the entire body’s physical uplift when you cum. For example, at the climax point, pulling anal beads out can make the orgasm much stronger. Plugs can have a similar effect as can a penis for some women.

Knowing that anal is kind of frowned upon in a way makes it a huge turn on. Everyone enjoys sex a lot more when they are super horny instead of the routine pleasure feeling when you go through the motions. Anal, for many women, is like after play.

Not a main feature but something to wind down with after the main event. Almost a cooldown after a big race, if you will. The majority of the time, after anal, sex is over for the night. This can be attributed to the powerful orgasms that anal produces.

There is no excess energy left to romp any further. Predominantly anal sex feels better for the receiver if they are the ones in control of the force and speed of thrusting and motion.


It can be reminiscent of when you go to the bathroom and difficult to totally embrace it.
Your partner penetrates you anally with a strap-on or with a penis to mix up the dynamics; it can be a thing for birthdays only or just when you’re drunk.

If you want to impress someone with anal flamboyancy for a thrill or do it sparingly because it hurts. The question remains, do any women like anal sex? And the answer is yes! Once you are comfortable and can relax, anal gets better with time.

Clenching and tensing up isn’t going to improve anything and will decrease the fluidity of the act and both participants’ enjoyment.

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